Sadly, on Wednesday, June 22nd we lost our husband/father/boss due to complications with his heart.  Mike started this business a little over 20 years ago with a second mortgage on our previous home.  He was very proud of what it had grown to be and even more so of how his sons grew up learning the ins and outs of the business.  He very much appreciated the support of his customers and suppliers and really enjoyed talking with everyone.

  • 1488 Lucasville Road, Hammonds Plains                             Material Yard  902-471-2704       Office   902-835-8044                
  • Now Closed for the 2023 but if around we will glady help you out

We Deliver In Small Trucks & can do split loads. 4 cubic yards maximum on ether side of the divider  (2 materials on one delivery ). Now Offering Tandem Loads. We Can Carry From .5 Of Cubic Yard To 14 cubic yards of heavy material ( gravel , soil , stone ) and 20 Cubic Yards of Mulch . We can Take M/C, Visa , Debit, Cash at your door. Delivery rate depends on your location


Lawn & Garden Soil,  Red & Black Dyed Mulch That Is water solvent biodegradable pigmented & fire resistant . Natural Aged Mulch. Stone, Drainage, Compaction, Decorative, Sand, Aggregate

We sell material by the bag, by the 5 gallon pail and by our tractors scoop that is 1/2 cubic yard ( 13.5 cubic ft ) A Cubic Yard is 27 cubic feet (3ft high x 3ft long x 3ft wide) We Specialize in loading small trucks and trailers with our Small loader

U Bag $ 4.00 Small Bags & $ 6.00 for Large Bags. We have the bags & shovels u fill them. White Sand 20 kg bags $ 9.00 

NO Sods at this time. 

Dyed Mulch. Black or Red is Dyed Product That Needs Time To Dry The Dye  After Spreading To Lock In The Color before Rain

Check out our prices listed below. All our prices include HST

   Come Grow With Us at Mike Herman & Sons Landscaping Materials
                               A Family Run Business Since 2003   

1488 Lucasville Road, Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia



Some of the materials we offer for pick up or delivery

About Us

Mike Herman & Sons Landscaping Materials is a small family business opened in 2003. Located  in Lucasville and serving the surrounding areas selling different types of material for your home and garden.

We have a small tractor with a small bucket ( .5 of a cubic yard scoop & also a 1 cubic yard bucket) to fit small trucks & trailers. Also we have two small trucks for delivery. Give us a call 

We carry a wide selection of landscaping materials for you to use around your home or spruce up your property.

We have Topsoil and so much more:

Our Soils are trucked in from Windsor N.S  daily  

  • Top Soil for your lawns.
  • Garden mixed soil for your gardens.
  • Natural Aged Mulch,
  • Black & Red Dyed mulch that is bio-degradable  fire resistant .
  • Class A gravel for driveways.
  • 1 1/2"  &  3/4" washed  gravel for the  jobs you need for drainage.
  • Crusher dust or sand for pool pads & patio stones or paver stones.  
  • Decorative pink granite,  
  • Pea Stone and Beach Stone.

 We are located at 1488 Lucasville Rd Just off the on the Hammonds Plains Rd  close to the old  Pin High Golf Course and Atlantic Splash Adventures 

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